New Zealand/Australia

Co-ordinator: Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Politics and International Relations, University of Auckland




Measuring Fieldwork – Stephen Mills

Australia 2016 – Andrew Hughes

The Permanent Virtual Campaign – Gavin Middleton

Not Respecting Criticism and the Need to Maintain an Image of Leadership Strength – Edward Elder

Making the Net Work – Sophia Blair

But I Don’t Care About Politics! – Tiffany Winchester

Personal Political Branding in Australia – Andrew Hughes

Academic Research on Political Marketing in New Zealand

Academic Research on Political Marketing in Australia


Practitioner’s Perspectives

Political Survival in New Zealand’s Turbulent 80s and 90s – Jack Elder

Changes in Political Marketing – Stephen Mills

What are the Latest Trends in Political Marketing Practice? – David Farrar

Interview with a Political Marketing Expert – Stephen Mills (UMR)

Interview with New Zealand Pollster David Farrar


Global Political Marketing and Management Conference


The first event was held at Auckland University on the 31 August, organised by Jennifer Lees-Marshment; see

Review: 014 NZOZ Political Marketing and Management Conference


The 2nd OZ-NZ event was a workshop on Political marketing and campaign management held in Sydney in July 2014 – see conference website  at

Review: Australia-New Zealand Workshop on Campaign Management and Political Marketing


The 3rd event – the 2015 Global Political Marketing and Management conference – was held in Wellington, New Zealand, 5-7 June.

Three Key Lessons for Political Marketing and Management: Notes from NZ Deputy Prime Minister Bill Englishes Speech

Participant’s Perspectives