Political Marketing Books

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Book information

Brand Command – Alex Marland

Branding the Candidate – Lisa Spiller and Jeff Bergner

Campaigning for President 2012 – Dennis W.  Johnson

Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century – Dennis W. Johnson

Communication of Politics – Bruce I. Newman and Dejan Vercic

Consumer Democracy – Margaret Scammell

Dog Whistles, Walk-Backs, and Washington Handshakes – Chuck McCutcheon and David Mark

Global Political Marketing – Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Jesper Stromback and Chris Rudd

Lobbying and Public Affairs in the UK – Phil Harris

Marketing Leadership in Government – Edward Elder

The Marketing of Political Parties – Marco Gutekunst

Marketing the Populist Politician – Robert Busby

Marketing Strategies of Nigerian Political Parties – Rowland Enwuzuruike Worlu

Mediating Politics – Neil Washbourne

Political Branding Strategies – Lorann Downer

Political Communication and Cognition – Darren G. Lilleker

Political Communication in Canada – Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson and Tamara A. Small

Political Marketing – Paul Baines

Political Marketing in India – Arun Kumar

Political Marketing – Persons, Parties and Praxis – Sigge Winther Nielsen

Political Marketing: Principles and Applications (2nd Ed) – Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Political Marketing: Theory and Concepts – Robert P. Ormrod, Stephan C. Henneberg and Nicholas J. O’Shaughnessy

Political Marketing in the 2015 UK General Election – Darren G. Lilleker and Mark Pack

Political Marketing and British Political Parties (2nd ed) – Jennifer Lees-Marshment

The Political Marketing Game – Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Political Marketing in Retrospective and Prospective – Christine B. Williams and Bruce I. Newman

Political Marketing in the United States – Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Brian Conley and Kenneth Cosgrove

Practices of Political Management for the Sustainability of Political Results – Juan Ignacio Marcos Lekuona

The Problem of Political Marketing – Heather Savigny

Public Relations and Nation Building – Margalit Toledano and David McKie

Publicity and the Canadian State – Kirsten Kozolanka

The Routledge Handbook of Political Marketing – Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Use of Political Marketing in Reinventing The Conservatives – Pavel Heczko

Voters or Consumers – Darren Lilleker and Richard Scullion


Book Reviews

Campaigning in the Twenty-First Century – review by Dennis W. Johnson

Consumer Democracy – review by Darren G. Lilleker

Book Review – I’ll Have What She’s Having – review by Darren G. Lilleker

The Political Marketing Game – review by Darren G Lilleker

Strategy in Information and Influence Campaigns – review by Jenny Llyod